Kusrulus has decided on the same vision, the same slogan, Making history in MLM, every member has to earn money, poverty has to run away. (कुसरुलस ने एक ही नजरिया, एक ही नारा तय किया है, एमएलएम में इतिहास बनाना है, हर सदस्य को पैसा कमाना है, गरीबी को दूर भगाना है।)           Mission:- Make noise in every street, from Kusrulus earn one crore. (गली-गली मचाओ शोर, कुसरुलुस से कमाओ एक करोड़ )

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Kusrulus is a product based MLM company, by join in this company, you can get a losts of earning in good interest.